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“We have structured the data and made it easily available through our website. In this way our members will follow the most recent developments affecting their core interest. This gives them an unbiased and transparent tool for their decision-making process. The goal is to ease the way to rational strategic business decisions,” says BIMCO’s Chief Shipping Analyst Peter Sand.

With the new graphs, BIMCO members will always be able to analyse the fleet development of the dry bulk -, oil product tanker -, crude oil tanker - and container sectors based on the most recent data available. The graphs will be updated on a monthly basis.

This service is an extension of BIMCO’s market report services and includes graphs on the developments in fleet demolition, contracting and delivery, on top of the overall fleet development.

The market analysis team often collate information used in its own analysis and has now structured some of this data for the benefit of the members.

 “The new section is the next step in our pursuit of adding additional value to our members businesses. I want to make sure we proactively provide knowledge our members can trust,” says Peter Sand.

Example: Dry bulk fleet growth drops below 2%

This development of the dry bulk fleet above is an example of what BIMCO members can explore from the supply side. Each graph displays the total fleet growth and breakdown into segments based upon the segments growth in deadweight tonnage compared to the year before. BIMCO’s Market Analysis Team regularly uses these to analyse the relationship between demand and supply.

BIMCO members will for example be able to identify heavy contracting or demolition surges and use the information to understand the fundamental balance in the market.